FSPR 13 Evolutionary Stones

This episode covers the mysterious items known as Evolutionary Stones. Listen to episode 6 “Evolution” for more details on Pokemon Evolution.

Bulbapedia – Evolutionary Stones
2010 Pokemon WC details announced
Shaymin is finally available!
12th Movie, Japan DVD released in December
Rumored HG/SS release date
Europaen Explorers of Sky release date – November 12, 2009
PokeWalker Japanese Event
GameFreak is hiring!
PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Great Adventure – Japan, December 5, 2009
Info on upcoming HG/SS events revealed
Zach’s Trade Thread!

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Pokemon of the Episode: #62 Poliwrath & #186 Politoed
Question of the Episode: If you could be any Pokemon, which Pokemon would you be and why?

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