FSPR #6 Evolution

May 21, 2009

FSPR 6 Pokemon Evolution

We go over many different types and methods of evolution. Also included is some small news about HeartGold and SoulSilver.

News Links:
Bulbapedia – Nintendo Confirms Gen2 remakes
Bulbapedia – CoroCoro reviels tidbits on HG and SS
Bulbapedia – More CoroCoro images leaked (Special Pichu)
Serebii – HG and SS pictures

Question of the Episode: What is your favorite Pokemon? Why? If you’ve trained this Pokemon, what is its moveset? If possible, include EVs and IVs.

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FSPR 5 First Generation games

This episode we discuss the first generation of Pokemon and also include the third generation remakes.

Links: Kotaku’s article about GS remakes.
Serebii’s page about GS remakes.

Question of the Episode: What would you like to see in the new GS remakes?