FSPR #14 TMs/HMs

November 12, 2009

FSPR 14 TMs and HMs

Today, we discuss the items TMs and HMs. Gabriel also has some questions for everyone at the end of the show, following a small rant about Pokemon haters.

Bulbapedia – TMs.
Bulbapedia – HMs.
13th Movie info.
N.American Arceus release dates.
Australian Arceus release dates.
Pokemon Ranch Update remains Japan exclusive.
Pokemon Rumble TCG set revealed.
Pokemon Rumble – N.America, Nov 16.
New Nintendo DSi XL.
Movie: Arceus and the Jewel of Life.
TCG: Platinum Arceus info.

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Pokemon of the Episode: #132 Ditto
Question of the Episode: What is/are your biggest complaint(s) about Pokemon?

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