FSPR #26 Elite Four

July 1, 2010

FSPR 26 Elite Four

[audio http://flashlight-studios.com/fspr/fspr_26_Elite4.mp3]

Today’s episode, I talk about the toughest trainers in the Pokemon League – the Elite Four.

Main Topic:
Bulbapedia – Elite Four

News Links:
Blog comment releases information on Black and White anime.
More Black and White information surfacing.
Pokémon.co.jp updated.
E3 conference reveals wealth of information.
Third American TCG set announced (updated).
Amity Meadow distribution details revealed.
Jirachi to be available to European Generation IV games via Wi-Fi.
First ‘Undaunted’ cards leaked.
Jirachi also available to North American, Australian Generation IV games.
Black and White release date, trailer revealed.
New Pokémon, gameplay shown on Oha Suta.
US national champions crowned in Indianapolis.
Satoshi’s Pikachu to be distributed via Wi-Fi.
Anime season title revealed.

Interesting Articles:
On the Origin of Species: Farfetch’d.
On the Origin of Species: Poochyena and Mightyena.
On the Origin of Species: Bronzor and Bronzong.
Review: Letters to an Absent Father.
Maré Odomo – Letters To An Absent Father.

Pokemon of the Episode: #6 Charizard
Question of the Episode: What is your favorite Pokemon region? Why?

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One Response to “FSPR #26 Elite Four”

  1. MattG Says:

    >When do you think you'll be doing another one of these?

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