FSPR #24 Move Tutors

May 22, 2010

FSPR 24 Move Tutors

This episode, I talk about the Move Tutors, Move Relearners and Move Deleters throughout the Pokemon games. There is a bit of a surprise at the end of the News segment of the show, hope everyone likes it.

News Links:
Bulbapedia – Move Tutor.
Bulbapedia – Move Relearner.
Bulbapedia – Move Deleter.
Pokemon Battling Community to hold battles for Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Pokemon Sunday reveals Gen V and movie 13 info.
Zelda Informer to host Pokemon tournament in coming months.
Pokemon The Movie 2000 now available on iTunes.
Clearer Screenshots and Artwork of ‘Black’ and ‘White’.
2010 Pokemon Video Game Regional Championship.
Sinnoh League Victors air date revealed.

Interesting Articles:
On the Origin of Species: Sandshrew and Sandslash.

Pokemon of the Episode: #468 Togekiss
Question of the Episode: If Nintendo/Game Freak made a Pokemon game with all of the regions accessible, would you enjoy the game or have a problem with it?

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