FSPR #21 Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Contests (Part 4/4)

April 1, 2010

FSPR 21 DPPt Contests (Part 4/4)

This episode is for all aspiring Pokemon Super Contest Coordinators who play Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. This is the last part in a four part series of Pokemon Contest episodes. Today, we talk about the three competitions in the Pokemon Super Contests. Also, before the emails, Gabriel warns everyone to try and be safe on the internet and watch out for weirdos and creepers.

News Links:
Bulbapedia – Super Contests.
Emergency Radio Announcement.
Yellow Forest distribution dates announced – US – April1-April30.
Bulbagarden sponsoring PokeWalker study.
Nintendo announced DS successor.
Lost Link TCG Booster officially announced.
Unleashed 3 Pack Blister – May 2010.
Netherlands and Belgium HG/SS release postponed due to save bug.
HeartGold and SoulSilver – A return to form or a lazy rehash?

Pokemon of the Episode: #136 Flareon
Question of the Episode: How many Pokemon videos do you own? (DVDs, VHSs and/or GBA Videos)

Send all emails to:


2 Responses to “FSPR #21 Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Contests (Part 4/4)”

  1. Alex Sweatt Says:

    >great show. keep up the good work!

  2. Lucas666 Says:

    >Awesome show! And thanks for the tip about Facebook/Twitter/Whatever Stalkers! Can't wait for the next one. Maybe you should do some stuff on the Pokéathlon?

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