FSPR #19 Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Contests (Part 2/4)

February 21, 2010

FSPR 19 DPPt Contests (Part 2/4)

This episode is for all aspiring Pokemon Contest Coordinators who play Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. This is the second part in a four part series of Pokemon Contest episodes. Today, we talk about how to make Poffins. There is a different set up in today’s episode. Same segements as always (news, main topic, Pokemon of episode, emails), just backwards.

News Links:
English HG/SS names revealed.
New manga volumes released by Chuang Yi.
Official HG/SS website launches.
Jirachi Event at GameStop – USA, Feb27-Mar13.
More Reviving Legends cards revealed.
First Gen5 Pokemon revelaed in Pokemon Sunday.
March 2010 CoroCoro features New Pokemon Ranger game.
DS successor development kits reportedly distributed to several development studios.

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Pokemon of the Episode: #469 Yanmega
Question of the Episode: How many Pokemon games do you own?

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