FSPR #18 Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Contests (Part 1/4)

January 30, 2010

FSPR 18 DPPt Contests (Part 1/4)

This episode is for all aspiring Pokemon Contest Coordinators who play Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. This is the first part in a four part series of Pokemon Contest episodes. The first part will teach about which Pokemon is best to choose when planning on entering into the Contests and becoming a Pokemon Coordinator.

News Links:
Pokemon.com updated.
Distributions related to HG/SS to begin end of January.
European HG/SS date confirmed.
Third Ranger game out March 6.
First Pokemon Prime cards revealed.
Australian HG/SS date revealed.
Fan sets Pokemon collection world record.
New Pokemon RPG Announced.
Get Shiny Pichu at GameStop – USA, Jan30-Feb14.
Preorder HG/SS now.
PokeWalker at Pokemon.com.
Second Interview with Masamitsu Hidaka – Many Interesting Points!

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Pokemon of the Episode: #110 Weezing
Question of the Episode: What are you expecting to see in the 5th Generation of Pokemon?

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