FSPR #17 Berry Farming

January 9, 2010

FSPR 17 Berry Farming

This episode we discuss the techniques of farming for Berries in the 4th generation of Pokemon games (Diamond, Pearl and Platinum). If you want more information on Berries in the Pokemon games, please listen to episode 4 “Berries”.

Sprayduck – Bulbapedia.
Mulch – Bulbapedia.
UK retailer states Euro HG/SS possible release date.
SSB released on N.American Wii Shop Channel.
Two 2009 HG/SS distributions to repeat.
New HG/SS poster pack announced.
34th Pokemon Special volume announced.
HG/SS Blister pack announced.

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Pokemon of the Episode: #201 Unown
Question of the Episode: In your experiences, who was the toughest Gym Leader out of any of the Pokemon games?

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